Darren Weaver
Video Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, and Technology Geek

Video Work

The third co-founder of Apple video

Canon C100, 5D, Adobe Premiere

Few people know the story about Ronald Wayne, the third founder of Apple. He sold his 10% stake in company after just 12 days. Today those shares would be worth over 67 billion dollars.

Steve Wozniak on new Apple productsvideo


Canon C100, Premiere Pro

A segment from our interview with Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak. Woz explains why he used to wait overnight in line before a new product release.

Inside Amazon.com’s warehousevideo


Canon C100, Premiere Pro, After Effects

We visited Amazon.com’s Prime Now warehouse to see how they’re able to get orders in New York City delivered in less than an hour.

Epic Iron Man Cosplay at Comic-Convideo


Canon C100, Premiere Pro,
After Effects, Photoshop

Spotted this guy walking around the New York Comic-Con and we just had to talk to him.

7 places you can’t find on Google Maps video


Premiere Pro, After Effects

Discovered a thread about this on Reddit, decided it would make for an interesting video

Motorola Unveils Four New Gadgets video


Sony F3, Final Cut Pro 7, After Effects

Motorola invited Yahoo Tech to their headquarters in Chicago to check out four new products they were announcing. I wrote/shot/edited this piece in the field with a tight turnaround of only a few hours.